Friday Night Mens League


Regular Season Schedule: 


 Date 7pm Cage 1 7pm Cage 2 7pm Cage 3
3/3/23 Mixed Nuts vs Some Bums Team Warehouse vs TBD (Haug) Sticky Boyz vs Front Office
3/10/23 TBD (Haug) vs Sticky Boyz Mixed Nuts vs Front Office Team Warehouse vs Some Bums
3/17/23 Some Bums vs Sticky Boyz TBD (Haug) vs Front Office Team Warehouse vs Mixed Nuts
3/24/23 Mixed Nuts vs TBD (Haug) Team Warehouse vs Sticky Boyz Some Bums vs Front Office
3/31/23 Front Office vs Team Warehouse Mixed Nuts vs Sticky Boyz TBD (Haug) vs Some Bums
4/7/23 Mixed Nuts vs Some Bums Team Warehouse vs TBD (Haug) Sticky Boyz vs Front Office
4/14/23 Mixed Nuts vs Front Office Team Warehouse vs Some Bums TBD (Haug) vs Sticky Boyz


Regular Season: (3) 7 Inning Games

PLAYOFFS - Seeded 6 Team Single Elimination Bracket 

Tie Breakers: Wins/Head-2Head/Runs For

Subs can only play for 1 team throughout the season. 
Players must have played at least 50% of regular season to qualify for Playoff Roster.
Prizes will only be awarded to players present on winning team on championship night (max of 4)
No weekly Roster/Lineup Additions can be made once 1st pitch of 1st game of  has been thrown




Our goal is to run at least 1 Slow Pitch Softball HitTrax tournament every month October - April.

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