Baseball HitTrax Tournaments

Our Spiderz Hit Lab baseball HitTrax tournaments are real-time computer simulated games played in MLB stadiums and fence distances are set to age appropriate distances. Join us at the Spiderz Hit Lab for one or all of our 1 day Baseball Tournaments (listed below) offered in (2) different formats:  

TEAM format tournaments are where you enter your Team of 3-4 players

DRAFT format tournaments are where you enter as an Individual and we randomly draft 3-4 individuals to form a team


Tournament Rules/Info:

- (4) game guarantee format

- Game times scheduled every 45 minutes

- League Divisions set at: 12U, 14U, High School, OPEN (players eligibility is based on age on April 1 of current year)

- 3-4 person teams (all players must bat, no mid-game substitutions)

- Pitching Machine will be used at the following approx realized speeds: 12U/55mph | 14U/65mph | High School/70mph | OPEN/70mph

- Coin flip before each game determines Home team. Home team also selects stadium

- Each game will be 7 innings or 40 min max (20/3 - 15/4 - 10/5 run rule)

- Balls will be supplied | Batting Helmets mandatory

- Bats: 12U/-10 | 14U/-8 | High School/BBCor | OPEN/Wood

- Schedules, Results and Player Statistics will all be available online

- Prizes awarded to Tournament Champions

Entry Fee: $140/Team or $40/Player for Draft Tournaments