We here at Spiderz Batting Gloves wanted to provide the local baseball/softball community with a spot to come hang out and have fun over the offseason. Your typical batting practice in cages/tunnels all winter long can get a bit methodical. However, when you intoduce a gaming aspect to it ...... its becomes entertainment!


Spiderz Baseball HitTrax Hitting Leagues & Tournaments | Spiderz Batting Gloves | New Berlin, WI

The Spiderz Hit Lab uses HitTrax systems which use a radar to measure and display real-time swing data (such as launch angle, exit veloctiy, distance, location) against a computer simulated defense. 

Players can now see the results of their swing within the cage/tunnel against a defense and record singles, doubles, triples, home runs, ground outs, fly outs, strike outs all while trying to advance runners around the bases and score runs as you would in a REAL GAME! Your swings now become meaningful in these real-time game scenarios. 

HitTrax has redefined the game and has taken "cage time" to a whole new level. Spiderz is excited to present this to the community and show you just how much fun the offseason can be.